A Volunteer’s experience as an Advocate

Following is the story of how an Advocate found an opportunity to work with a Participant, and what the Advocate gained from the experience

 (Thank you to the advocate for sharing their story)

I found North East Citizen Advocacy (NECA) in the local paper. Just a small advertisement with a big message about being able to provide our greatest gift of time.

NECA have been wonderful in supporting and facilitation the relationship that I have with the participant. They were spot on in matching him with me and he tells me that he enjoys his time with me too – win!

There is never a dull moment. He is an exceptional young man with a heart of gold and he is always looking for a way to make you laugh and smile.

His enthusiasm, his attitude and his willingness to try means that he an I get to have a lot of fun while tackling our tasks together.

Another great part of the match is he is also helping me to do and experience more. Together we have played tennis, been to the arcade, had walks in the park, gone to football matches, and I have been canteen man when he has a home game!

Being an advocate for someone with an intellectual disability has certainly been a positive journey. We’ve been matched for a quarter of a year now, but it is clear there will be many more experiences to share, mutual developments to discover and a whole bunch more laughs together in the future.

I want to thank you for this opportunity NECA, and ask you please continue making a difference.