Disability Royal Commission

Schedule of Hearings released

The Disability Royal Commission has released a schedule of hearings for the rest of 2020.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions it is anticipated that most witnesses will appear by video.

The next hearing in Sydney from 18- 21 August, will investigate the experiences of people with disability during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For further details on Disability Royal Commission’s Our Schedule page.

September (Week beginning 21): Public hearing, Sydney – Psychotropic medication, behaviour support and behaviours of concern

October (Week beginning 12): Public hearing, Brisbane – Barriers experienced by students with disability in accessing and obtaining a safe, quality and inclusive school education and consequent life course impacts

November (Week beginning 16): Public hearing, Brisbane – Long term, including indefinite, detention and interactions with the criminal justice system experienced by people with disability

November (Week beginning 23): Public hearing, Brisbane – The experiences of First Nations people with disability and their families in contact with child protection systems

December (TBC):  Public hearing, Sydney – Training and education of health care professionals in relation to people with cognitive disability

December (TBC):  Public hearing, Sydney – Systemic barriers in the pathways to employment for people with disability