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NDIS Supports. Where to begin?

What supports do you use EVERY DAY? We strongly recommend recording your day to day life and supports in a notebook that you can carry about with you starting NOW!!!  The better prepared you or your friends or family member are, the better the NDIS changeover will be.  Its only 8 months away……start now and you’ll be sitting pretty by July 2016.

It’s pretty overwhelming to think that you need to provide a lists of ALL your supports for your plan.  But don’t worry, NECA are here to support you, together we can do this.

We are sharing a list of support categories below.  Feel free to add more supports to the comments section below that you think will be easily overlooked at the planning stage.  The more we share, the more we can help one another and the less daunting this will be..

These support categories have been sourced from the 8th Quarterly Report to COAG Disability Reform Council 30th June 2015 and are actually supports that participants in the Barwon trial area listed on their plans.

Support Category
Assess-Skill, Ability, Needs – this is paying someone to assess your skills, ability and needs.
Assistance Access/Maintain Employment
Assistive Products-Personal Care/Safety
Assist-Intergrate School/Education
Assist-Life Stage, Transition
Assist – Personal Activties
Assistive Equipment-Recreation
Assistive Products-Household Tasks
Behaviour Support
Comms and Info equipment
Community Nursing Care
Daily Tasks/Shared Living
Development-Life Skills
Early Childhood Supports
Equipment Special Assess Setup
Hearing Equipment
Home modifications
Household tasks
Interpreting/Translation services
Other Innovative Supports
Participation in the community
Personal mobility equipment
Physical Wellbeing
Plan Management
Therapeutic supports
Training-travel independence
Vehicle modifications
Vision equipment.

Hope that helps you with all the different types of supports that you may use.

Again, please share with us your types of supports or if you have any questions, please ask.  We will do our best to help.

Preparation is key!!  Good luck.